HCS Assist

Why pay a technician for travel charges to come and fix your computer issues if we can resolve them remotely? We can resolve most issues quickly and efficiently without even stepping out of the office. This technology is done through our secure remote control application wherever you are. This saves you valuable time and money. more




HCSxChange is specifically designed for small to medium businesses who are wanting all the benefits of an onsite exchange email server without having to buy one. We can provide you a professional and worry-free hosted email solution for your company that you can take with you anytime, anywhere.


This solution will enable you and your team the ability to access and share all emails, calendars, contacts, and notes via Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), or handheld PDA devices. more


HCS Remote Backup

Backing up your important data is probably the most critical computing practice whether you are a home user or a business owner yet not many of us do. Disasters happens you least expected! Are you prepared for the worst?


HCS Remote Backup makes affordable on-demand and automated online backup and restoration of your mission critical data. This is an easy to use managed backup solution which securely backup your data off-site. more

Data Recovery


Data maybe lost due to the following reasons:

  • Files were accidentally or maliciously deleted
  • Hard drive failure due to a power spike or head damage
  • Operating system has been overwritten
  • Drive partitions and MBRs have been deleted or or damaged
  • A drive have been formatted and wiped
  • Bad sectors on hard drive occured where critical data is located


If you don't have any backup and you've just lost your critical data, then contact us immediately. We may be able to recover your lost or deleted files using state of the art data recovery technology.


Although no one guaranties data recovery, we have a 90% success rate so far to get your data back so please find out the steps that you can do to prevent further damage to your data. Click here.


Our Guaranty - NO DATA, NO FEE

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