HCS Assist

We Fix, You Watch

We use this tool on 90% of our clients especially with sales rep scattered all over the country, even overseas!  This allows us to fully and efficiently fix their computer issues via remote control regardless if you are behind a company firewall or using a hotel's internet connection.

How it works
1. We ask the client to download the HCS Assist applet which takes seconds
 2. Run the applet from the desktop or from the saved location (No installation required)
3. Click on "Allow remote control of this PC" on the bottom right corner
4. We fixed your computer as if we are there
5. Watch us fix your problem while we take you through over the phone

HCSassist offers the following features:

- Secure and smart, we will need your permission before we can connect

- Works with all versions of Microsoft Windows (except Windows 95)
- Small download (under 400kb for remote PC and 700kb for local PC)
- No files permenantly stored on remote PC (unless install option chosen)
- File copying between remote and local PC's
- Set a remote PC to be remotely accessed at any time (optional additional password protection).


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